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Compass Go for the iPad and iPhone     Compass

If you are in an area not very familiar or don’t know which direction true north would be, this very useful app has come to the rescue! There’s no reason to say I am lost or ask for directions (guys) ever again.

The Compass Go app gives you very large compass face on the main screen, the sun’s coordinates and lets you set a target destination.

If you are not familiar with a compass, or longitude and latitude degrees, research the internet or your local library. There is an option to leave the compass screen and view maps using your current location, with directions or a search, choose from driving, busses, or walking.

Moving will enable the app to give you an accurate direction reading, which is great for travelers, field researchers or the adventurous hiker, just about everyone.

Download this app and get out there and COMPASS GO experience the world!

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