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Find My Friends for the iPad and iPhone     Find My Friends - Apple

Locate, track and find your friends and family!

Find My Friends, displays the location of iDevices on a realistic, overview map. Once your friend accepts, you are able to track that their location, and receive directions to find them.

This application requires iOS 5, and an Apple ID, from your iCloud account. Create an account on any iDevice, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The menu selection is very straight forward and easy to navigate:

All is Your friends list, add, edit or check to see where a friend is. The list shows a photo of the person (if available), friends Name, The distance in miles to their location and Name of the location. If you tap a name, a map will come up and show you their location on a realistic overview map, with a blinking marker. From this map screen you can get directions to their location, go back to Friends list or tap info.

Temporary gives you a list of friends for events with Name, Name of location and distance in miles from Your location, set a time/date, add friends to this event, send an iMessage and view a map with blinking markers of everyone in this Temporary Friends list.

Me controls Your blinking marker on others maps and lists.

Requests is pretty self-explainable, Receive friends requests from friends.

Is Your privacy Compromised?


Find My Friends has simple privacy controls, set up a group of friends that can locate you for a limited time with Temporary sharing option. Turn ON/OFF your location. There’s also parental restrictions that lets you manage your child’s usage.

Find My Friends for the iPad and iPhoneFind My Friends for the iPad and iPhone

Download this friendly locator app now!

Find My Friends - Apple

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