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Fuzz Alert Pro for the iPad and iPhone     Fuzz Alert Pro - Fuzz Alert

Fuzz Bustin’ at its finest!

Find all the speed traps and red light cameras before you get a ticket. Fuzz Alert Pro lets you locate approaching speed traps, and red light cameras etc. Fuzz Alert Pro – radar mode, background mode (with device support), map, pimp it, and animated voices.

Fuzz Alert Pro’s goal is to put power into your hands, to make you a safer and more alert to your surroundings. Using audio alerts for drivers to use caution in certain areas. Drivers are sharing information on conditions and enforcement areas which are constantly changing to make the roads safer. Paying attention to your surroundings, speed and cautions you too can be a safer driver, reducing accidents and fatalities.

Some fuzztastic features on your menu bar like radar will keep you alerted as you approach those areas with speed traps. The menu bar contains Map, Radar, Pimp It!, Settings and you’ll love background mode.

Map Mode: To report a trap, click the + button when you are next to one, or double-tap the map to specify one precisely where you saw it. The following traps will be displayed on the map with unique icons: Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras etc. When a user comes within a certain distance of a zone, the alert will occur. And you can also confirm the trap is still active or not active.

Radar Mode: provides visual and audio feedback when issues are known to be nearby. Red Glow is displayed in a progressively intense manner as the location gets nearer, as an audio “ping” plays rapidly as the location gets closer.

Background Mode: Instead of closing the app by hitting the home, the user can elect to send the application into the background by tapping “background”.

Pimp It! Mode: build a classic car and pimp it out. As you report traps and receive positive feedback you get parts and tools for pimpin’ your ride.

Fuzz Alert Pro for the iPad and iPhoneFuzz Alert Pro for the iPad and iPhoneFuzz Alert Pro for the iPad and iPhone

Note: Pimp It! Requires registration, and continuous running of Background Mode may dramatically drain battery life.

Download this useful navigation app, and you’ll want to keep this fuzz in your pocket!

Fuzz Alert Pro - Fuzz Alert

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