MotionX GPS Drive

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MotionX GPS Drive for the iPad and iPhone     MotionX GPS Drive - MotionX™

MotionX GPS Drive

Now the Next-Generation Driving and Pedestrian Navigation, is here with MotionX GPS Drive.

A solution for navigating your world, door-to-door personal navigation tools, and live search get you where you’re going.

The advanced MotionX Find-N-Go™ technology lets you find anything, anywhere. With up-to-date map data you can feel confident you will get there. From your iPhone to iPod use the magnetic compass, while listening to music, podcasts, or audio books of exploration. Now there’s a feature of Local Search and Wikipedia integration for the best POI search.

The fully-live Navigation tools in MotionX GPS Drive are dynamic and up-to-date,givinn you the advantage of the Live over-the-air maps and real-time navigation, along with cached routes and maps for optimal performance. Now you will know the flow of traffic before it hits the street with NAVTEQ maps, Bing search, and live traffic flow maps and see into the future, with predictive traffic data from TrafficCast.

If your unable to read the directions you can still find your way with this great app. With Live Voice Guidance, listen to Real-time turn-by-turn directions. HD synthesized voice for high quality spoken street names, makes it easier to find your way.

You do however need to be able to see the screen to navigate the beautiful UI (User Interface).
The main menu screen displays your current location. Encircling your location are buttons for Facebook, Wikipedia, Search, Coffee, Gas, Hospitals, Airports, Parking, Restaurants, and Browse.

MotionX GPS Drive for the iPad and iPhoneMotionX GPS Drive for the iPad and iPhoneMotionX GPS Drive for the iPad and iPhone

There is still more, 4 buttons surround your main circle, giving you Traffic, Compass, Go Home, Resume Nav. A small menu at the bottom of screen is where you can find music, search/map, and menu.

With Bing maps view a full screen map with a directional arrow indicating your direction, and surrounding street names in big easy-to-read street signs.
Follow the directions of turns, street names and distance at the top of the screen in the black bubble. Bing has a great directional map that is so easy to understand.

NOTE: –   HD version for the iPad
           –   Specific to the iPhone: Place a phone call directly from search results, or from your contacts or address book that is fully integrated into this app.

Download this navigational tool MotionX GPS Drive and get in Motion.

MotionX GPS Drive - MotionX™

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