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Ancestry app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone

Ancestry is on the Apple Watch!

Now you can sync your account with your mobile device and find your family anywhere. Taken a step further, you can now search your family tree on Apple Watch.

Ancestry app for the Apple Watch

Experience a whole new view of your ancestors’ lives with a reimagined timeline with lifeStory. Get Ancestry Hints, personalized narratives, milestones and historical insights with timelines that now tell a story.

Ancestry Hints automatically find records, photos, and stories about your family. Create, edit and view your family tree. Add a family member to your tree from Facebook. Tap a person on your tree to view their entire profile, tap and hold to reveal options to edit a profile, add family or adjust the tree view.

Easily hide or show historical insights and family events for a customized experience.
Explore your ethnicity with AncestryDNA.

Ancestry app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone Ancestry app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone Ancestry app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone

Ancestry app for the Apple Watch

Ancestry features:

   • Ancestry Hints – Discover stories, photos and records of ancestors
   • Explore billions of historical photos and records
   • Preserve and share your history with a family tree
   • Share and collaborate with friends and family
   • Get notified of new hints and comments
   • View, create and edit your family tree
   • Sync automatically with your account
   • Easily upload photos and add facts or stories to your family tree
   • Add family members to your tree from Facebook
   • Learn about historical events that affected your ancestors
   • Explore your ethnic origins with AncestryDNA
   • Split view – use Ancestry and other apps on the same screen
   • Apple Watch – Receive new hint notifications with photo previews, Save and ignore photo hints right from Apple Watch, Keep up with comments and add your own with voice detection, get on-this-day alerts for events from your family history

Find your roots with the Ancestry app. Discover where you come from through stories, photos and records about your relatives. Start your journey with a subscription.
Select a U.S. Discovery Membership for $19.99 per month or a World Explorer Membership for $34.99 per month.

If your only needing a little information to complete a branch of the family tree, look for Birth, Marriage, or Death Record, Census or Voter List Record, School Directory or Church History Record. You can purchase those for a much cheaper $0.99 or $1.99.

Install the Ancestry app today!

Android – Please look in Google Play

Windows Phone – Check the Windows Store

iPhone –

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