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Google app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and iPod

Google Anything!

Using the Google app is as easy as talking!

Say “OK Google” then ask your question. Google will then speak the answer aloud. Ask anything you can think of, set reminders, find nearby restaurants and events. All without any use of your hands.

The Google app not only goes Hands-free, get Google Now cards and notifications!

If you enable Google Now cards, you will receive quick views of TV recommendations and traffic information, weather, reminders and much more.
This is also great for updates on sports, movies and events.

With knowing what is on the page, the Google app will relate current information displayed with questioned being asked. So if you are reading about William Shakespeare, and say “OK Google, where was he born”, the answer will be Stratford-upon-Avon.

Search anything you would like.

Search the Web, Maps, Shopping, Images, News, Videos. Receive personalized results based on your location. View a history of your recent searches. The new 3D Touch feature makes it easy to bring up quick shortcuts from the icon, for search, voice search and image search.
Now with updates to local businesses, view their holiday hours and info on the busiest times of day, to avoid the crowds.

Google app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPod, iPad and iPhone Google app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPod, iPad and iPhone Google app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPod, iPad and iPhone

Google app features:

    • Search anything
    • Search Hands-free
    • Personalized Search – results based on location
    • Search related to web pages displayed
    • Search History
    • Google Now cards
    • Quick Shortcuts – 3D Touch for search, voice search, image search
    • Copy and paste anything in the app
    • Search the Web, Images, Maps, Shopping, News, Videos and more

You will end up using the Google app daily!
The helpful info will make anything you’re doing easier, from buying movie tickets to boarding passes and then set reminders.

Install the Google app now!

Android – Please look in Google Play

Windows Phone – Visit the Windows Store

iPhone –

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