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MeteoEarth for the Android, iPad and iPhone          


Live weather on a stunning 3D interactive globe.

MeteoEarth employs a professional weather broadcast tool layered over high-end gaming technology, never-before used in a weather app.

With smooth movement, real time animation and instantaneous navigation, users take on the role of the weatherman as they navigate the 3D globe to watch weather events unfold.
High-resolution animated graphics of wind, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover and isobars showing barometric pressure, can all be overlaid onto the globe to create a fully customised weather map.
Following feedback from users of MeteoEarth for iPad, the developers have also introduced the option to combine layers to show multiple elements at once (released on MeteoEarth for iPad 1.1). This is a unique and hugely useful feature for a weather app.

MeteoEarth is adapted from a professional weather broadcasting system so the user has complete control of the interactive display and can spin around the globe, zoom in on locations and play and pause the animated weather graphics at will.

The realism doesn’t end with the weather graphics; MeteoEarth also displays the phases of the moon and a genuine representation of daylight and darkness hours around the globe.
Convenience and usability are also key to MeteoEarth and the app includes features such as local time zone clocks for the user’s favourite locations and the option to switch between the 3D globe and a flattened map.

MeteoEarth displays the latest weather observations for over two million locations worldwide plus a forecast for the day ahead or a five day forecast with the Premium version.
Designed to complement the developer’s original app WeatherPro, the Premium subscriptions are linked so that users only purchase one Premium subscription to benefit from the additional features on both apps.

MeteoEarth 3-D weather app for the Android, iPad and iPhone


MeteoEarth app for the Android, iPad and iPhone

MeteoEarth features:

   • Navigate a 3-D globe
   • Touch controls – Spin the globe and Zoom
   • Worldwide weather
   • High Resolution graphics
   • User friendly
   • Interactive – spin and zoom around with seamless navigation, pause the real-time animation
   • Fully Customizable – Choose elements to display, wind streams and rain. Switch between the 3-D globe and a flattened map. Add realistic graphics for the sun and moon.
   • Overlay weather graphics
      o Temperature
      o Precipitation
      o Cloud Cover
      o Wind
      o Pressure
      o Lightning
      o NEW Storms!
   • Additional features:
      o NEW! Climate data
      o View multiple elements at once
      o Save an unlimited number of favorite locations
      o NEW! Click on the magnifying glass to view precise information for a specific location on the map
      o Optional full screen mode
      o Local time zone clocks for favorite locations
      o Daylight/darkness realistically around the globe
      o Moon phases
      o Optional country borders
      o Search over 2m locations worldwide and show the latest weather observation data
      o Connect directly to your chosen location in WeatherPro for a detailed forecast
      o Sync your favorites with WeatherPro via the iCloud

Subscribe to the Premium service for a 5 day forecast. With one Premium Subscription you can use the premium services on MeteoEarth and WeathPro.

Install the 3-D weather app MeteoEarth, today!

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