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Storm Tracker for the Android, iPad and iPhone     

I would imagine there’s a weather tracking app for every channel in TV land.

I want to inform our readers of every app that we find to be the best, but this one category I am going to blanket the whole country at once. So if you are an NBC, CBS, FOX, or ABC fan you are able to download your favorite local meteorology source.

Since the Tri-State area is where I call home, I am going to review FOX19 Storm Tracker.

With one app get your local forecast, radar, and current weather conditions for your viewing area.

FOX19 Storm Tracker displays highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance, in vertical and horizontal map display with looping. Fully integrated GPS for current location awareness, with a compass overlay and exclusive patent pending Road Weather Index.

With the most accurate 10 day forecasts with both daily and hourly details, save and view your favorite locations.

Setup your screen with a Weather Widget for unlock page. Watch your status bar alert acknowledgement and an alert over map. The most severe alerts are arranged by color-coded weather alerts. Or set your alerts to use audio, LED, and vibrate and acknowledge the alerts from within the app.

With the horrible weather we have had lately this apps came in very handy for storm preparation. Don’t just think history, you can also use Storm Trackers for Earthquake Plotting, Storm Plotting, Tropical Plotting, and keep your eye on the future.

Note: Most weather tracking apps have support for Spanish. Which is controlled by the overall devices language setting.

Install your favorite local news weather app and track your local weather!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone – Look in App Store

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