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Taptu for the Android, iPod and iPhone     Taptu - taptu.com

A social news feed reader, combines all that you want in one app!

Taptu lets you add Your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the content from your favorite web sites and blogs then transforms them into gorgeous visual streams. Found a news article or stream you like? Share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email or even save for later using instapaper.

You can plunge into the StreamStore and discover streams of your favorite blogs, news sources, or others for the things you’re into and maybe some things you don’t even know you’re into. Find more content from Bing RSS feeds, Google Reader.

DJ your news – Curate Your own mixed streams. Like creating a playlist, combine RSS feeds, add others, delete or share them with friends and family. Select streams straight from the StreamStore, add and delete feeds so you get exactly what you want to read.

Taptu supports 2 ways to view your streams. Quick View lets you read headlines and a quick summary, or Full Story View which is the full article.

Sharing is super-easy, as you read a story that strikes you important, share it with Your friends. The same goes for Your friends, read full articles they share. Post a Status, Comment and Like Your Facebook stream, or Your friends streams. You can even Tweet, RT and Reply from your Twitter stream right from this app.

Taptu for the Android, iPod and iPhoneTaptu for the Android, iPod and iPhoneTaptu for the Android, iPod and iPhone

Install Taptu today, and DJ your News!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
Taptu - taptu.com

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