The Night Sky

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The Night Sky for the Android, iPod, iPad and iPhone     The Night Sky - iCandi Apps 

The Night Sky

Amaze anyone with your knowledge of The Night Sky!

This magical new app enables everyone to identify the stars, planets and other objects you are able to see, just like magic.

Just hold your device to the sky and The Night Sky will display the names of stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites are hiding from your view, even if there obstructed by clouds or daylight.

Once you use the app you’ll be staring up all the time!
The Night Sky uses your location data provided by the GPS and compass built in to your device.
It then cross references your location data with its inbuilt map of the sky and overlays the stars planets galaxies, constellations and satellites names on your screen.

Enjoy the night-vision mode, which turns the image red. This tone difference helps your vision adjust to the screen for easier to see objects.

The Night Sky app for the Android, iPod, iPad and iPhoneThe Night Sky

The Night Sky features:

    • Accurate Constellation Maps
    • Automatic Sky Tracking
    • 4G Gyroscope
    • Automatic alignment
    • Night Mode
    • Automatic Dimmer
    • Improved graphics
    • Enhanced UI (User Interface)
    • Gift this App

This app is as beautiful as The Night Sky, it really will amaze you!

Install this app and experience The Night Sky!

Android – Look in Google Play!

iPhone –
The Night Sky - iCandi Apps

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