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Yelp for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Yelp - Yelp 


Find nearby businesses, read reviews and find great deals!

Use Yelp, to search nearby bars, restaurants, cafes, gas stations, shopping and more. Now you can check-in and share on Facebook and Twitter and make reservations with OpenTable.

Select Nearby for a list of Restaurants, Bars, Coffee & Tea, Gas & Service Stations, Drugstores, Everything, Deals, Check-in Offers, Hot New Businesses and More Categories.
Select Search to view a map of you current location and view numbered quick links to find bars, restaurants, cafes and more.
You can narrow your search by neighborhood, distance, price, and what’s open now.

Browse reviews from Yelp users and find the best spots in the city!
Find your favorite restaurant with the help from others. Read reviews of all the businesses from other users. And write your own review and post it, for others to read. Add tips and photos to your review to make it unique, and add it to Facebook and Twitter.

Say you’re looking for a specific business.
You can look-up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, then call them from your mobile device.

Yelp now has augmented reality with Monocle. Overlay business information onto the world around you.

Yelp app for the Android, iPad and iPhoneYelpYelp app

Yelp features:

   • Search for businesses near you
   • Tap quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more
   • Narrow your searches by hood, distance, price, and what’s open now
   • Browse reviews
   • Find great Deals
   • Add tips, photos, and draft reviews
   • Check-in and share on Facebook and Twitter
   • Make reservations on OpenTable within app
   • Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, then call or map them
   • Augmented reality with monocle.

While you’re reading reviews you can make reservations for most restaurants. Right from the application you can use OpenTable to make reservations.

And add your favorites to bookmarks so you can find them quickly.

Download Yelp today and find local businesses!

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Yelp - Yelp

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