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Zaarly for the iPad and iPhone     Zaarly: Buy and Sell Anything With People Nearby - Zaarly 

Zaarly: Buy and Sell Anything With People Nearby!

Zaarly can sell your items or your time!

With one-touch access to the world of Zaarly, you can ask for anything from hundreds to thousands of local individuals and businesses using this app in your neighborhood.

Post a free request, and receive posts from others wanting your service or items. It’s easy to find posts and to create a post, but you should expect too much, as my experience has been unfavorable. I had posted 3, requests, and heard from one person, that lead nowhere.

Zaarly states they post from businesses, which I have not seen yet. I don’t think there should be businesses posting, I like the person to person feel of purchases. That is mainly why I installed this app.

From the home screen choose between, Around the House, Craving Deliciousness? Learn Something New!, Ready To Get Fit?, or Request anything if you already know what you want.
Your menu bar starts with Messages, in which, you can see posts that you have responded too, in Buying. Or look through the request posts you have sent out for Selling.
Next on the menu bar is Request, which is the home screen.

Provide is the following button. Where you can search through every post from others nearby, sort the posts by Recent, Price and Map as there’s a little flag indicating the place where post is from.
And last is your profile, where you can update your Public Profile, Seller Alerts, Settings, and About Zaarly.

ZaarlyZaarly app for the iPad and iPhoneZaarly app

Set your profile to accommodate your requests, Look professional, Verify your connections, this should better your chances to hear back about your side-jobs. Along with your profile you can see a Recommendations seal, which is updated automatically from Zaarly.

I do like the idea of this, but I am not impressed.

Install Zaarly: Buy and Sell Anything With People Nearby!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
Zaarly: Buy and Sell Anything With People Nearby - Zaarly

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