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1Weather for the Android    

1Weather gives you Real-time results!

Get your weather alerts and forecasts fast with 1Weather!

The current outbreak of tornadoes in the Midwest, has brought to mind how harsh, mother-nature can be with weather. And how important it is to be aware!
The best thing for weather hazards is time. Mainly time to prepare or to evacuate. For that idea, weather alerts need to reach people as quickly as possible. That is exactly why OneLouder Apps brings you 1Weather. Be prepared for the sunny summer days, the freezing cold nights and every change in between.

1Weather is an unmatched combination of style and functionality to bring you global forecasts and alerts, plus timely local weather and related tweets.

Your own personal pocket meteorologist!

1Weather provides you with ready access to a full suite of accurate, up-to-the-minute weather information, including animated maps and radar.
Take your umbrella with you when you need to, with daily weather alarms and severe condition alerts so that so you can proactively prepare for changing conditions.

The simple yet stylish environment of 1Weather, stands alone!

The menu is located at the bottom of the screen, with icons for Todays weather, 7-Day Forecast, Severe Weather, Precipitation, Radar, Sun & Moon, Tweets and Settings.

Change up your widgets, to your preference with different backgrounds, looks and styles. Customize them exactly how you like.

1Weather for the Android1Weather for the Android1Weather for the Android

Check out the features:

   • Easy-to-Use UI (User Interface)
   • Accurate Up-to-the-minute Weather
   • 7-Day Forecast
   • Local Forecasts
   • Global Forecasts
   • Radar Maps
   • Alerts for Severe Weather
   • Daily Weather Alarms
   • Related Tweets
   • Sun & Moon

1Weather is here to provide weather information for everyone, for FREE and stay safe, dry, warm, cool whatever you prefer. The best way to do that is stay prepared and use this app whenever wherever, you find yourself.

Install it on your device, it’s the only 1Weather you’ll need!

Android – Look in Google Play

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