Pocket Physics

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Pocket Physics for the Android    

School has just started, let’s learn something new!

Pocket Physics is perfect for just that. With a straight forward design, browse the chapters and tap the subject you want to read about.

From either a tablet or phone access physics formulas anywhere.
Read about the formulas with descriptions and images to help you understand the material.

Students will get the most out of this app, with accurate information, quickly complete assignments.

Pocket Physics for the Android Pocket Physics for the Android Pocket Physics for the Android

Pocket Physics chapters

    – Linear motion
    – Constant acceleration motion
    – Projectile motion
    – Constant circular motion
    – Force
    – Work, power, energy
    – Rotary motion
    – Oscillatory motion
    – Gravity
    – Waves
    – Elasticity
    – Electrostatics
    – Direct current
    – Magnetic field
    – Altering current
    – Thermodynamics
    – Hydrogen atom
    – Optics
    – Modern physics
    – Hydrostatics
    – Astronomy

Get the most out of Pocket Physics, and study up on formulas from force, electricity, tons of chapters and more will be added soon.

Install your study buddy, Pocket Physics now!

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