Ask the Butcher

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Ask the Butcher for the iPad and iPhone

The ultimate man app!

All the tips, tools and instructions you need to cook meat like the pros. It’s just like having a personal butcher.

Ask the Butcher guides you through the entire experience, from purchase to plate.
Choose from the meat rack, Beef, lamb, pork or veal. Browse cuts by animal, ultimate cooking style or let the butcher suggest the perfect cut for you.
Next you will find information on what to look for when shopping and what to ask the butcher. Learn how to prepare your cuts perfectly and cook it like a pro with a unique meat timer.
The learning does not stop there, search the handy meat tips, or ask the butcher. I have been told he answers personally.

Have a dinner date or a party?
Let the butcher suggest the quantities and types of meat for your occasion. If you’re looking to master the basics of great meat preparation or trying out an unusual cut of meat, the app has you covered.
Receive guidance through the entire process and use the tools provided.

Cooking timer based on meats and weights selected, preparation suggestions and cut information.
Each cut is accompanied by a butcher’s recipe and internal temperatures for each level of doneness.

A new feature is ‘Suggest a cut’ where you send suggestions to Anthony. He may respond with his own suggestions or use yours. Ask a question or suggest a cut, get interactive with this app and your meat.

Ask the Butcher for the iPad and iPhone Ask the Butcher for the iPad and iPhone Ask the Butcher for the iPad and iPhone

Ask the Butcher features:

    • Ask the Butcher a question
    • Suggest a cut
    • The Meat rack – Choose the perfect animal
    • Select a cut – Choose the perfect cut
    • Cook it perfectly – Unique meat cooking timer based on meat and weight
    • Learn preparation tips and cut information
    • Learn what to ask your grocer’s butcher
    • Butcher’s recipes and internal temperatures
    • Single or party dinner occasions

The master butcher behind Ask the Butcher is Anthony Puharich, owner of Vic’s Premium Quality Meats, which has been supplying quality meats to Australia’s finest restaurants for over 15 years.
Anthony shares his expert advice and in-depth knowledge on Australia’s LifeStyle FOOD Channel on you guessed it “Ask the Butcher”, airing since March 2013.

You can find a lot of short clips from the show on the Ask the Butcher YouTube page. You will find great information form Anthony and other butchers.

Get the most out of your meat!

Install Ask the Butcher app now!

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