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Webers On the Grill for the iPad and iPhone     Weber’s On the Grill™ - Weber-Stephen Products Co.

It was so hot over the weekend, but it was perfect for GRILLIN’!

Weber’s On the Grill app is the perfect partner for tips, tricks and techniques for the best barbeque around. Everything you need for grillin’ and B-B-Quen’ is right here from 200 classic Weber recipes plus 40 recipes for rubs, marinades, and sauces to a timer within the app, so you know exactly when to take your food off the flame.

With a menu bar of Recipes, Techniques, Grill Guide, Grill Timer, and Groceries the only thing left to do is get more friends and family to the party.

Search and browse the entire list of over 300 classic recipes from Weber’s best-selling cookbooks, from starters to desserts. Tag your favorite recipes, or add them to a stored itemized grocery list. To make shopping easier, the ingredients are organized by category to facilitate shopping. A simple check box lets you keep track of items at the market. Refine your techniques with 100+ tips from expert grillers in the Grill Guide, and watch short instructional grillin’ videos which you can tag also.

Webers On the Grill for the iPad and iPhoneWebers On the Grill for the iPad and iPhoneWebers On the Grill for the iPad and iPhone

Weber’s On the Grill’s best feature is the Grill Timer, which takes all the guess work out of flippin’ and servin’. Your device will ding and vibrate when the timer goes off! And set the time according to the Grill Guide, which has you covered from red meat, pork, poultry, seafood, veggies, and fruit.

Find your favorites, or just keep trying new recipes, either way share the memorable recipes with friends and family via email.

Download this app, Spatula up, Get to Grillin’!

Weber’s On the Grill™ - Weber-Stephen Products Co.

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