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Retro Camera for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Retro Camera Plus - Urbian, Inc.

There’s no need to be a professional photographer anymore. Urbian Inc. has released an awesome free camera app, that allows you to choose from 5 different cameras which have unique settings.

The Bärbl – take portraits of low saturation, neutral color cast, minor scratches, and medium contrast.

Little Orange Box – captures candid close-ups with high x-processing saturation, red-purple color cast, severe scratches, damaged square frame, with high contrast development.

Xolaroid 2000 – snap abstract photos with saturation set to high x-processing, blue-green color cast, development contrast is set on high.

PinhOle camera – create amazing landscapes or still lifes with multi swirl color cast, low saturation, medium scratches, contrast is set to medium-high, and full bleed frame.

The Fudge Can – great for outside photos with low saturation, minimum scratches, medium contrast, and square, full frames.

Read about camera facts, place of origin, Color, Film, Development, Use Cases, Black & White Option, and a sample image.

Install this app and impress all your friends and family with your pro-tography skills!

Android – from Google Play

iTunes –
Retro Camera Plus - Urbian, Inc.

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