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Android – Photography

Lightbox on the Android    


Shoot. Enhance. Share

Lightbox: The Connected Camera, quickly shares your photos with your friends. This sweet app automatically syncs to your photowall on and to your Android tablet.

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PhotoWonder on the Android    


Would you like to spice-up your photos? Then you need to use this great beginner photo editor. This free app gives you the abilities of retouch and manipulation, (to a certain degree) right from your mobile device. Give your photos a personal touch, and add funny accents.

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PixToPage on the Android    


A stream-lined process of posting images to the web or your favorite Social Sites, now is as easy as one tap. That’s all it takes, one tap will take a picture and creates a web page album with commenting.
There’s no-setup, no-sign-up, just one tap. PixToPage gives you the options of posting to your photo album webpage. You can then send that URL to your friends and family and they can see your album. If you take new photos they will update automatically, with a map of where they were taken, and everyone’s comments. Or post them to Facebook and Twitter.

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