Camera Advance

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Camera Advance for the Android    

Camera Advance

Android devices now have a full featured camera app!

Camera Advance raises the bar for taking pictures on Android devices. With the features offered with this great app, you’re getting standard must-haves and new exciting technologies.

Take panoramic pictures with the ease. This panorama mode is different than 360 panoramas, it takes 3 photos and gives you a wide angle shot. You will also love the noise reduction from the tripod mode, this new technology is also accomplished from multiple pictures.

Taking photos is not my strong suite, so to see the advanced settings, onscreen camera aids and Exposure Compensation, it gave me confidence this is a good camera app.

  • Timer
  • Burst Photo Capture
  • Reduced noise by capturing multiple photos (a.k.a. tripod mode)
  • Panorama mode produces a wide angle shot from 3 photos (different than 360 panoramas, only on supported devices)
  • Zoom (Supported devices)
  • Exposure Compensation (only on supported devices)
  • Live camera histogram (best on Android 2.2 and up)
  • On screen camera aids to capture best photos: grid and Fibonacci spiral
  • Built-in photo gallery with multi-touch
  • Easy UI with swipe to hide
  • Configure volume buttons for zoom or photo capture
  • On screen estimate of photos left (accuracy depends on phone used)
  • Uses orientation sensor to embed camera orientation info in photos

Camera Advance takes your Android photography to new heights and capture some great memories with the newest technology out there!

Camera Advance for the AndroidCamera Advance for the AndroidCamera Advance for the Android

Download Camera Advance the best Android photography app!

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