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PhotoWonder for the Android 

PhotoWonder is pho-tastic!

Would you like to spice-up your photos?
Then you need to use this great beginner photo editor. PhotoWonder is a free app, that gives you the abilities of retouch and manipulation, (to a certain degree) right from your mobile device.
Give your photos a personal touch, and add funny accents.

You can also take photos right from this app with the camera button on the main page, or select any image from your memory.

Edit – adjust image Brightness, Contrast, Crop, and Rotate.

Beautify – allows you to zoom-in and retouch parts of photos with: Smooth, Partial White, Larger-Eye, Slim, Better-Skin.

Effect – will change the entire image as you choose from: Sweety, Ageing, Grey (black & white), Color (control color hue), Softness (adds a vignette feel), LOMO, Blue Tone, Autumn.

Decoration – Add elements to your photos like: Accessories (necklaces, earrings, sunglasses and others), Prank (funny eye-brows, wings, hats and more), Bubble (add text bubbles), Text (adds text overlaying image), Frame (frames photos with graphic borders).

PhotoWonder for the Android PhotoWonder for the Android PhotoWonder for the Android

PhotoWonder features:

●Filter Camera: With real-time effects, it can help provide classic effects and makes it easier for you to take beautiful pictures.
● Editing: Cropping, rotating and toning in an easy way, as well as adjust their brightness, contrast and saturation as you wish.
● Beautification: Whitening, polishing, removing acne, enlarging eyes and slimming easily by only paint or tap through your fingers. We also provide various eyeliners and blushers to enhance the beauty of your photos.
● Effects: Enhancing photos with all kinds of cool effects, PhotoWonder makes your photos in the highest quality, with a large collection of beautiful and practical picture effects. With one click, you can achieve many cool artistic effects, such as soft light, LOMO, autumn effect, blue tone, old photo, and thereby make one photo with different feelings.
● Decoration: With a large number of beautiful decorations, PhotoWonder integrates all kinds of pretty accessories, interesting stamps and fashion text material for you to create personalized photos.
● Collage: Collaging photos as interesting as you wish. 3 collaging modes: template collage, free collage and photo collage. The rich templates and fresh backgrounds help you create your own photo wall.
● Frames: Various frames make photos more interesting.

With the exception of Red-Eye Reduction, this app provides a wide variety of photo editing tools that are commonly used. At any time undo, redo or save your image. This app is from a Japanese company and some words are in their characters.

I recommend this app for teens or anyone that likes to add a personal touch to photos.

So install PhotoWonder, be creative and have some pho-tastic fun!

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