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Skitch for the Android    

Skitch is one really cool photo scribbler!

Edit, annotate and save your photos & scribbles with ease!

Skitch has been brought from the desktop to your mobile device. Draw an image with arrows, shapes and text to a new or existing photo from your library to create fun annotations!

Point-out your idea with photos and edit the image to share with others. You can use any application that supports images.

Get creative, or if you already have an idea scribble it down now and pull the app out later, to read your notes. It’s like a detailed, photographic memory.

Skitch makes it easy to quickly identify people, places and things with real images and quick notes. Annotate any image, screenshot or photo saved in Evernote, that is integrated with Skitch. Download a screenshot to an email. Open it in Skitch and add your comments. Save to Evernote for later review. It gets even better for those conference meetings with sketchin maps and diagrams.

Skitch for the AndroidSkitch for the Android

Powerful features include:

   • Zoom and crop images
   • Create smooth, lines and scribbles
   • Add text
   • Special High-Contrast coloring scheme
   • Semi-Opaque highlighter tool
   • Re-position and delete
   • Share your work with any application that supports images

Download the Skitch app now and scribble on everything!

Please look in Google Play!

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