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ActionShot for the iPad and iPhone     ActionShot - CloudRaker


Capture all that sweet action with ActionShot, it’s action-packed!

Create an image that captures all the action in a single photo.
ActionShot captures 4-9 photos and edits the focal point in action on the singular background. For action photography there’s no better app.

Hold your camera steady, and take the photos of the action. ActionShot will capture the multiple photos automatically.

Then you will select the subject with your finger in the picture you want to capture in the sequence.

If you would like to start over tap the screen twice, to erase the highlighted area, to start over.
With a little bit of editing of number of photos used and the speed, you’re ready to combine the images together for your ActionPhoto.

ActionShot works best outdoors.
If not outdoors use as brightest light you can find. This will ensure the best action photography.

New update supports HD shots!

With a slick new UI (User Interface), you can now access HD shot features.

ActionShot photography
ActionShot app

Create the action anytime!

Save the images to your library. This creates the option to combine your photos at any time. The library will save your sequenced images and the individual photos.

The social experience is in development, but for now you can share your ActionShot with Instagram. Or you can read the News section and stay in the loop.

Install ActionShot for your HD action photography needs!

ActionShot - CloudRaker

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