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Camera+ for the iPad and iPhone


Control your camera with precision!

Tired of old boring photos? Camera+ will give you professional photos even with your point-and-shoot fundamentals. Add the effects of high-quality SLR lens, to the camera already in your device.

If you are new to photography, or you are a seasoned pro, Camera+ will help you capture amazing images. Experience your creative side with innovative, fun design and beautiful effects.
You get exclusive features like Touch Exposure & Focus, Digital Zoom, Photo Flashlight, Lightbox, and Stabilizer.

With tons of professional features, you can take your photography skills to the next level.

The new iOS 9 updates utilizes the 3D Touch with quick actions that Take Photo, Take Selfie, Take Macro, View Lightbox. Remotely take photos from your wrist or set the timer with the Apple Watch.
Camera+ for the iPad and iPhone

Get up close with the Macro Mode and take amazingly detailed images of small objects.

iCloud syncing will store all your precious pictures to the cloud.

Camera+ for the iPad and iPhone Camera+ for the iPad and iPhone Camera+ for the iPad and iPhone

Camera+ for the iPad and iPhone

Camera+ features:

    • Touch Exposure & Focus – gives you ultimate control: Touch the screen with 2nd finger while focusing to adjust exposure
    • Photo Flashlight – brightens up your photos: Use the LED flash as a continuous fill light to improve phot quality
    • Stabilizer – no more blurry shots: Keeps your pictures sharp and crisp, by keeping your device steady
    • Picture Grid – gets rid of unsightly angled photos: Use the grid line up your shots and keep them from being crooked
    • 6x Digital Zoom – highest quality zoom: Really get in close on the detail of images with the great quality
    • Photo Edit – choose the best setting for your picture: Watch lifeless images come to life when you pick from Backlit, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, and many more. Don’t let your photos come out too dark, use a high quality digital flash to make them look great. Crop images with ease using the “golden ratio” for the most aesthetically pleasing results, or use the presaved cropping sizes. With one tap add FX Effects, like HDR, Grunge, So Emo, Black & White, and Sepia. Frame the pictures with Borders
    • Share – Put your creations on your favorite social sites: Post your pics or albums on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr or you can always email them right from this app
    • Apple Watch – Remotely take a photo, or set the timer

Camera+ works directly with your favorite social media, iCloud, AirDrop, AirPrint, Apple Watch

Any one, of any age will love this app, love photography and possibly find a new career.

Download the Camera+ app today!

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