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Cinamatic for the iPad and iPhone

Create beautiful short films!

With Cinamatic you can create films with filters and share them on your favorite sites.
Record multiple short clips that transform into amazing short motion pictures.

Record short clips from 3 to 15 seconds and add a video filter. Choose between a set of free filters or make an in-app purchase of film cartridge.
The top purchases are Walt Film Cartridge, Starter CinaPak and Vintage CinaPak.

Choose the best filter that fits the feel of your film. They are more than just overlays, some add automatic transitions. Filters may also interact with your films.

Cinamatic is very social!
Share your amazing short films with the world. After saving your motion picture you can share it instantly via Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Email and text message.

Don’t waste time snipping and splicing your movies together, let Cinamatic take care of it for you.

Cinamatic for the iPad and iPhone Cinamatic for the iPad and iPhone Cinamatic for the iPad and iPhone

Cinamatic features:

    • Create beautiful short films
    • Shoot 3 to 15 second films
    • Choose from an amazing set of video filters
    • Filters have automatic transitions
    • Instantly post videos to Instagram, Vine of Facebook
    • Get more filters form the shop
    • Much more
    • Supports iPhone 4 and higher

Create something cool and share it, with Cinamatic!

Install the Cinamatic app today!

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