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Etchings for iPad and iPhone     Etchings - MindSea Development Inc.


Now you can create beautiful etched illustrations from any photo with Etchings!

Tweak the FX and easily share your art with everyone!

Choose between 8 different FX styles that are beautifully designed to turn your images into a work of art.
The effects range from black-and-white, washed-out color, extra-vibrant color, a postage stamp and money.

After selecting your FX you can change the line style to reach a new feel. Look at all of the styles from Light, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold and Heavy.

Take a photo from in the app or from the photo file, add unique effects and line styles from dozens of combinations and share it.

Share your beautiful Etchings with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Etchings files are saved at a resolution of 1200 by 1200 pixels, which work great in other apps for sharing or further post-processing.
With a future release that will include high-resolution output you will be able to use your etchings for any printing needs you may have.

Etchings photo - Etchings photo - Etchings photo -

Look over the features:

   • Create beautiful art
   • 8 FX styles
         o Raven
         o Classic
         o Beatrix
         o Spectrum
         o Air Mail
         o Chinotto
         o Money
         o 1954
   • 5 line styles
         o Light
         o Regular
         o Bold
         o Extra Bold
         o Heavy
   • Image resolution 1200 x 1200 pixels
   • Share over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
   • High-resolution output – coming soon

It is amazing you’re able to create a piece of art as quickly as tapping the screen 3 times. And you can easily tap the screen 2 more times to share it with anyone.

Etchings has automated art?

With the new technology of mobile devices and graphic programs, everyone can create art. Or maybe it should be called iArt.
As the graphic program automates creating an etching of an image, anyone can create iArt, and share it with the world!

Install the impressive FX and easy sharing of Etchings!

Etchings - MindSea Development Inc.

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