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iMut8r for the iPad and iPhone     iMut8r - Legacy Effects LLC


iMut8r is now full-Retina Display supported!

Capture photos of your friends and family and create iMut8shuns. Choose between 7 characters, including Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Freakenthings, Demons and Ghouls. Create even more realistic transformations by combining more than one creature together for hybrids.

There’s a new fade feature and enable a surprisingly realistic blend of the effects into your photos, resulting in subtle, disturbing and often-hilarious finishing touches. The fade effect will reset so select this effect for a second time.

iMut8r has a new feature to rotate an effect layer, plant one finger in place on or above the object and rotate the other finger around it. This enables you to focus the resolution around a specific point. Make sure you’re above the effect or it will not work. Change colors, add sores, veins and blood. Select the types, cheeks, shapes, nose and brows. Pinch to scale, align and fade the effects layer with parts or whole face, then after your satisfied, click Done.

Import your image from the camera or your photo library. The images will load to the alignment page which helps when your subject is off center or your Mut8ing more than one subject.

iMut8r for the iPad and iPhoneiMut8r for the iPad and iPhoneiMut8r for the iPad and iPhone

Check out the features:

   • Import images from camera or photo library
   • Alignment page
   • Full or partial face Mut8shuns
   • Scale, Fade and align effects
   • Save

Install iMut8r today and get, cre8ing hybrid creatures!

iMut8r - Legacy Effects LLC

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