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InstaBlender for the Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone

Blend your photos!

InstaBlender is your blending app for mobile devices. Use photos from your album or take pics with the app and blend them together with 18 blend modes.

The new image editing tools lets you Mirror your images, Distort, Blur, Sharpen, Color-fix, Auto Enhance, FX-Effects, angle rotation and use one of 54 frames.

Share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other photo sharing app installed on your mobile device.

The InstaBlender application has blend modes for every photo like Add, Color, Color burn, Color dodge, Darken, Difference, Exclusion, Hard light, Hue, Lighten, Luminosity, Maximum, Minimum, Multiply, Overlay, Saturation, Screen, Soft light.
Adjust individual layers of your image: Brightness, Contrast and Saturation.

Add text and choose from 12 fonts, font color picker, selectable font size, adjustable vertical/horizontal alignment. Adjust the orientation, rotate left, rotate right, flip left and flip right.
Adjust borders colors and thickness then choose from 20 frames like Instagram frame, vignette, film and many more.

Check out the Effects, Auto-fix, Distort and Blur.

InstaBlender for the Windows Phone iPad and iPhone InstaBlender for the Windows Phone iPad and iPhone InstaBlender for the Windows Phone iPad and iPhone

InstaBlender app features:
    • Blend photos – 18 blend modes
        o Add
        o Color
        o Color burn
        o Color Dodge
        o Darken
        o Difference
        o Exclusion
        o Hard light
        o Hue
        o Lighten
        o Luminosity
        o Maximum
        o Minimum
        o Multiply
        o Overlay
        o Saturation
        o Screen
        o Soft light
    • Use photos form library or take photos form app
    • High Resolution Exporting – 2048×2048, 1280×1280, 640×640 pixels
    • Layers – Adjust layers individually: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
    • Filters – 15 beautiful filters, add on top of other layers, unlimited undo/redo
    • Text – 12 fonts, Color Picker, Font Size, Adjustable Vertical/Horizontal
    • Orientation – Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Flip Left, Flip Right
    • Border – Color and Thickness
    • Effects
        o Bloom
        o Chrome
        o Dot
        o Fade
        o Gloom
        o Instant
        o Invert
        o Mono Noir
        o Pixellate
        o Posterize
        o Process
        o Sepia
        o Tonal
        o Transfer
        o Vignette
    • Auto-fix – Auto Enhance, Auto-Sharpen, Auto-Insharp
    • Distort – Bump, Hole, Pinch, Twirl, Vortex
    • Frames – 20 amazing frames including Instagram frame, vignette, film and more
    • Blur – Gaussian blur, Adjustable intensity

Edit your photos, apply filters, add effects, borders and text. All photos export in high resolution.

Download the InstaBlender app now!

Windows Phone – Please check in the Windows Store

iPhone –

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