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Instaframe for the iPad and iPhone     Instaframe Pro - Photo Frame & Photo Captions for Instagram - Imagination Unlimited


Frame photos, add captions, post to Instagram it’s frame-tastic!

I would categorize this fantastic photo app, as editing software. I say editing because not only can you add frames to photos, you can apply effects to photos.
Set the mood with filters for your photo like Spina, Polaroid, Sunset, Emboss, Cool, Light, Gayscale, Posterize, Blur, Sharpen, B&W, Inverted.

Instaframe has so many selections to choose from.
Select from 29 borders and 54 layouts, now that’s a-lot of framing.

Round corners for a clean effect, add shadows for the frame, and change frame color, and select the frame background color, with an easy color picker.

Add captions and express a thought.

Add text to any image, move, rotate and resize to your liking. Change the color of the words to compliment or stand-out. Before selecting the size, choose between 80 different fonts.

Move your photos to different areas by drag and drop. Zoom, pan, rotate or mirror each photo.

InstaframeInstaframe for the iPad and iPhoneInstaframe app

Check out these features:

   • Add Text
   • Change text color, size and font
   • Resize, rotate and move text
   • 80 Fonts
   • 29 Borders
   • 54 Layouts
   • Apply effects to individual photos, round corners
   • Change border width, add shadows
   • Easily move photos to different areas by drag and drop
   • Zoom, pan, rotate or mirror each photo
   • Sharing via Instagram
   • Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Email

That’s right sharing is easy with Instaframe.

Share any photo instantly with Instagram. You can share any photo a variety of ways, like via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Email.
Create cool framed photos and share them with the world.

Install Instaframe now and frame your world!

Instaframe Pro - Photo Frame & Photo Captions for Instagram - Imagination Unlimited

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