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Luminance for iPad and iPhone     Luminance - Subsplash


Illuminate your beautiful photos with Luminance!

Become a mobile Michelangelo with editing capabilities that add effects, filters and sharing to photos.

Add any of the effect layers to your photo, select as many as you want in any order, adjust filters, rearrange, crop, rotate and share your masterpieces with easy.

Want to change an effect, re-edit your photo using the history.

You can always re-edit any image through the history selection. It’s great that you can go back and see every applied effect, time and date, device, ISO, cropped size and resolution.

Luminance will save every applied effect to the history, so you can go to your library, select any image and view all the information. Go back to a previous edit, add additional effects and filters, crop and rotate the photo for a new feel to the same image.
Copy the edits from a photo and apply it to any other image you want, which is handy for photos that are used in a series or sequence.

Effects and filters, you say… Luminance got your back, Jack!
Choose from multiple built-in presets, or create your own effects from infinite combinations. Effects like Pop, 70’s, Azul, Fade B&W are just a few you can select from.
Add layers in any order to create unique effects, if that isn’t enough you can change even more with the filters.
Filters like White Balance, Exposure, Hue/Saturation, Tone Curve and more add emotion to photos for a unique masterpiece.

Luminance for iPad and iPhoneLuminance for iPad and iPhoneLuminance for iPad and iPhone

Check these illuminated features:

  • Layer multiple effects
  • Create unique effects by layering
  • Filters –
      o White Balance
      o Exposure
      o Brightness/Contrast
      o Hue/Saturation
      o Tone Curve
      o Split Toning
      o Vignette
      o Colors
      o Sepia
  • Crop & Rotate
  • Copy edits to use on different photos
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Camera Roll, Email, Copy and Print
  • View photo history
  • Export photos at full resolution (Small, Medium, Large, or Original)
  • Import photos from Camera Roll

You need quality images… You’re in luck, Chuck
Say you want to use that perfect picture in a printed ad, newsletter or your website.
With Luminance you can export photos at full resolution (Small, Medium, Large, or Original) to a computer for any use you can think of.

At full resolution you will notice your images will appear clear and crisp on the finished product.

You want to share those photos… No problem.
We have already gone over the Copy and Print. Now you’re wanting to share your beautiful photos with everyone, you can easily tap the Share button and choose from Facebook, Twitter, Email or the Camera Roll.

Download some photo elegance with Luminance.

Luminance - Subsplash

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