Manual – Custom exposure camera

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Manual – Custom exposure camera app

Control your camera!

The Manual – Custom exposure camera app gives you full control over your images. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image.

If your camera’s automatic settings are not the way you want to go, get full independent control of Shutter, ISO, White Balance, Focus and Exposure Compensation. Control your camera with even more features like Live monitor automatic exposure values, Focus zoom, Grid Overlays and EXIF viewer.

Manual – Custom exposure camera gives you control of iDevice cameras like never before. Save photos directly to Camera Roll and view a live histogram. Light and Dark Themes, can accent the Optional delayed shutter for long exposures.
The flashlight is used with Fill Flash Mode for continuous lighting.

Use the grid overlay, in (Rule of Thirds, Square) for the perfect positioning. Using a grid to some, is irritating, but if you use them you will generally take better photos.

Use all the features that are provided to adjust the parameters of your image. Don’t let the automatic try to understand what your vision is, control the settings and take that perfect shot.

Manual – Custom exposure camera Manual – Custom exposure camera app for the iPad and iPhone Manual – Custom exposure camera for the iPad and iPhone

Manual – Custom exposure camera features:

    • Full independent control
        o Shutter
        o ISO
        o White Balance
        o Focus
        o Exposure Compensation
    • Live monitor automatic exposure values
    • Live Histogram
    • Photos are saved directly to Camera Roll
    • Focus zoom
    • Optional delayed shutter for long exposures
    • Fill Flash Mode Flashlight)
    • Grid Overlays (Rule of Thirds, Square)
    • Light & Dark Themes
    • EXIF viewer

Manual is perfect for controlling the ISO and shutter yourself, when the automatic settings are blowing out the background and a silhouetted subject are all you can see.
Take you picture to the professional level Manually!

Install the Manual – Custom exposure camera now!

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