Party Party

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Party Party for the iPad and iPhone

Capture the fun of any moment!

Catch a fun moment with a new photo experience, Party Party. Enjoy the easy-to-use stop motion feature that layers your photos atop one another to make a looping animation.

Party Party photo app can make any moment a party!
Select a layout film, photo square collage and classic photo booth strip, perfect for printing

Use 17 filters to customize your creations and adjust brightness and contrast for the wanted effects. Choose from 7 different frames inspired by vintage photo booths and film. Or go with a simple circle or plain white border.

Edit your stop motion animation. Slow down the speed and adjust the slider to get the desired effect. Save as looping video which is perfect for social media.
Save to your camera roll and save as .gif file for you blog, tumblr or website.

Share your creative moments on your favorite social media like Facebook, Instagram, SMS and Email.

Party Party for the iPad and iPhone Party Party for the iPad and iPhone Party Party for the iPad and iPhone

Party Party features:

   • Stop Motion Animation – Adjust speed, save as looping video, save as .gif
   • Photo Square Collage & Strip – for sharing and printing
   • 17 Filters – Customize your creations
   • Adjust brightness and contrast
   • 7 Frames – inspired by vintage photo booths and film or white border or circle

Party Party is more than your own personal photo booth, it can bring an experience to life with creative photo layouts and stop motion animations!

Download the Party Party app today!

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