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SpacePaint for the iPad and iPhone     SpacePaint - Vinegar, INC.

SpacePaint, is FAR-OUT!

Turn your photos into beautiful art, with SpacePaint!

Like the universe, SpacePaint is limitless. Create amazing art from photos on your mobile device.

Take photos, or use images on your mobile device, add effect layers which are designed to be stacked, layered, manipulated and or rotated over your digital photo.

With a simple toolbar you have complete control to apply a single or combination of chosen effects.

SpacePaint gives you effects that range from organic images of smoke, fire and stream to complex light refractions and hand-drawn bolts of electricity.

Picture something out-of-this-world, now create it!

Create a background with full opacity, or overlays at half for just the right amount. Use the position, rotation, scale and masking tool to apply effects where you want them.

Rotate the effects with 2 fingers touching screen, and rotating in the desired direction.

If you select a light refraction, this effect will apply streaks of light and you can erase them where you want.

Masking an effect is simple, just tap the paint brush and you will erase the area you touch. You can use the slide bar to change opacity of the effect.

The visual possibilities are infinate with SpacePaint and will add a new depth and intensity to your images.

SpacePaint for the iPad and iPhoneSpacePaint ImageSpacePaint photo

Look at the features:

   • Add Multiple Effects
   • Effect Controls
      o Position
      o Rotation
      o Scale
      o Masking
   • Layer Opacity

SpacePaint is really cool, check it out and you will want it too!

Install the spaced-out photo app, SpacePaint today!

SpacePaint - Vinegar, INC.

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