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TrueHDR for the iPad and iPhone     TrueHDR - Pictional LLC

Do your photos turn-out blah? Not any more with this miracle, of a photography app.

TrueHDR has the best auto settings in full-resolution image capturing. That’s right take HDR (high dynamic range) photos with Beautiful new Natural mode with the fastest processing speed. After creating albums of masterpieces, share them using Facebook, Twitter, or email.

I try to explain my experience, instead of just listing features, but there are a number of them that I don’t want to over-look.


Natural/Enhanced modes – Natural is realistic, and Enhanced is a more vivid color and contrast.

Natural mode has a faster processing and reduced image noise.

Easy capture with AutoCapture mode.

Greater control over exposure points with SemiAuto capture and manual mode.

Automatically saves original images for use with desktop HDR programs.

Full support for front-facing camera – for your self-portraits.

Convenient sharing features (Facebook, Twitter or email).

Photo albums integration: create an HDR photo using saved images.

Better HDR results through state-of-the-art computational photography techniques.

Supports quick app switching – pick up from where you left off when you return.

Inspect the results: pinch, zoom and pan around in portrait or landscape to check out the results.

Now with Geo-tagging: keep track of where your pictures are taken.

Improved alignment: fewer ghosted edges.

Enhanced light metering: better balance of light and shadows.

Don’t let your photos detail disappear, with a wash out from bright light, or hide in the dark.

Download this great app and capture your world in a vivid, dynamic fashion and share ‘em.

TrueHDR - Pictional LLC

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