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Union for the iPad and iPhone

Combine photos for truly unique images!

With Union you can create amazing imagery with simple-to-use tools for mind-blowing scenes.
You can also create superimposed, silhouetted and double-exposure photos, artistic framing, and transparencies.

Union is the newest photo editing app for professionals and hobbyist alike. With a few easy steps anyone can feel like pro!
    1. Load a background image, solid color or transparent layer
    2. Load a foreground image, color or shape
    3. Efficiently erase areas of the foreground image using Union’s palette of user-friendly tools
    4. Adjust the position and size of the foreground image to reach desired composition
    5. Make color adjustments on the background and foreground so they blend seamlessly
    6. Save your work in full resolution and if you want, share images on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Whether you want to experiment with unusual image combinations or overlay semi-transparent photos to create double-exposure effects. Union invites professionals and hobbyists alike to venture into the newest world of imaginative photo-editing and creative play.

Union for the iPad and iPhone Union for the iPad and iPhone Union for the iPad and iPhone

Union features:

   • Combines photos for unique and creative images
   • Quick and easy photo editing
   • Unique set of image editing tools
   • Adjust color
   • Save in full resolution

Let’s see how creative you can be and merge those photos into masterpieces, with Union!

Download the Union app now!

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