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UScapeit for the iPad and iPhone     UScapeit - EveryScape Inc.

Uscapeit is a simple yet fun way to share your life in 360 degrees.

With your mobile device capture dramatic 3D Scapes. Scapes are collections of 360 degree panoramas of a specific place or experience. Then share them with your friends and family. Facebook is integrated and allows you to post the full 360 scene right on your wall so that friends can experience your adventures as if they’re right there with you, or email them right from your device.

UScapeit gives you the best panoramic photos with one-tap. Basically turning your video into a photo, you want to stand in one place, tap record and spin 360 degrees slowly. In a dim lighting rotate even slower. Or put yourself in the photo (hold device away from you –walk around your device slowly – as if your device is stationary), avoid shaking and quick movements. Look over the help, in the tips and tricks.

After taking your panoramas save and name each one, in albums that you can name by trip, location, time of year, whatever you like. Explore every inch of the panorama with finger scrolling across the screen, of your device.
UScapeit for the iPad and iPhoneUScapeit for the iPad and iPhoneUScapeit for the iPad and iPhone

UScapeit has been updated with bug fixes and faster uploading. Also Remotely process your panoramas for more precise results.

Install this photo app today, and start 3D panoraming your world.

UScapeit - EveryScape Inc.

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