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Vlix for the iPad and iPhone     vlix, video effects & sharing - SpotMixer, Inc.


Create, Enhance, Personalize and Share videos!

Vlix is a sweet app that gives you stunning video effects.

You can personalize your videos with opening and closing text then share your video exactly how you want. Send your videos to your close friends and family over email or go public with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You can create videos, watch videos, like and follow other users all from the Vlix community of creators. Explore the rich environment of this really cool application or view videos at www.vlixvideo.com.

You will love the multiple effect options, from the Slo-mo, Old Film, High Contrast, Vintage and Sparkles. You’re only limitation is your own imagination.

With Vlix you’re able to Create, Share, Engage and More, and here’s the run-down:

Create –
   • Apply Amazing effects
   • Instantly preview and switch effects
   • Add opening / closing text
   • Save to camera roll

Share –
   • Add your videos to your personal video feed
   • View videos in app or at www.vlixvideo.com
   • Control who sees your video with a friend-only option
   • Share to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or Email

Engage –
   • Watch videos from users you follow
   • Explore and discover the vlix community
   • Browse, like and comment on videos
   • Repost vlix videos

More –
   • Optimized for shorter clips
   • Full retina display
   • Front and back camera

And now here is the list of awesome effects offered:

      Brighten
      High Contrast
      Zoom
      Reverse
      Slo-mo
      Fast Forward
      Stop Motion
      Old Film
      Black & White
      Vintage
      1970s
      Posterize
      Cross Process
      Photocopy
      X-Ray
      Thermal
      Vibrant Color
      Sparkles
      Hearts
      Stars

Vlix for the iPad and iPhoneVlix for the iPad and iPhoneVlix for the iPad and iPhone

SpotMixer corrected a lot of bugs in the last update, and exceeded my expectations, as you have more functionality and better video quality. If you’re interests lie in the film making field, this is a great tool that can set you in the right direction. But is so easy to use anyone can navigate through the process.

Install this app now and Vlix your videos!

vlix, video effects & sharing - SpotMixer, Inc.

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