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WhatTheFont app for the iPad and iPhone

Need to know what font that is?

Now with the WhatThefont app you will always know what every font is!

As a designer, I can tell you the majority of the most common typefaces and ones that standout to me personally. This doesn’t always help with a specific, uncommon or custom font and it leaves me searching through every typeface I have, resources and websites, which is time consuming.

After months searching for fonts I came across the WhatTheFont font identification service by MyFonts, identifying a typeface has become a quicker task than ever before.
Now it’s even more convenient with an app. The WhatThefont app connects directly to the same running the website .

Now with a few easy steps, you can identify, read details and email summaries of search results, complete with font preview right from your iDevice.

    1. Take a photo or load an image or even a screenshot
    2. Crop the picture
    3. Check the letters
    4. Let the app identify the font

The steps are easy, now let’s talk image quality. You need a good quality photo, so keep steady, have good lighting and crop just the text. Now the image should be no more than 2MB, When possible the height of the letters should be 100 pixels, text should be horizontal and letters should not be touching.
WhatTheFont Tips

Then upload the image and the on-device image processing optimizes upload speed and accuracy, displays letters in a few seconds. Check through them and delete any letters not in the word. When complete tap identify and you will be given font matches.
Within these matches you most likely will find your exact typeface. Tap your font and view details, font preview, Share or Open in Safari.

WhatTheFont app for the iPad and iPhone WhatTheFont app for the iPad and iPhone WhatTheFont app for the iPad and iPhone

WhatTheFont features:

     • Identify Fonts
     • Snap a photo right within the app
     • Choose saved photos from your Photo Gallery
     • On-device image processing optimizes upload for speed and accuracy
     • View font details within the app
     • Send eMail summaries of search results, complete with font previews

Find all types of fonts with MyFonts and now find the name of a font with WhattheFont which has helped millions pinpoint fonts.

Download the WhatTheFont app today!

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