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Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor for the iPad and iPhone     Wood Camera - Vintage Photo Editor - Bright Mango

Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor

Create stylish vintage photos with this unique camera app!

Most camera applications have a small editing selection, Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor offers more features with a professional feel.

Take a picture, add filters and textures, do some editing and maybe frame it and share it with close friends and family or the world.

Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor sets itself apart from other apps with 3 major functions.
   1. Fast loading
   2. Adding Textures
   3. Preview filters – as you take photos

Along with these unique features you will find you have the ability to change settings of Geo-tagging on and off, and can also choose between launching the app in capture mode or in lightbox mode. Select from the settings to add photos automatically to the lightbox or drop them individually.

Live lenses, gives you the ability to view your photos with the preview of 32 different filters, like Black and White, These lenses are precisely crafted to emphasize a different part of each photo’s dynamic range.

Flexible editing that’s simple.
Along with 32 different filters you can choose to add one of 28 textures, 16 frames, sharpen, straighten, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.
A very cool editing feature is the tilt-shift of the vignette layer. You can shift the vignette layer radius, position and intensity by pinching.
Adjust your editing with confidence, as you can always go back and modify any changes.

With a stylish UI (User Interface), it is easy to navigate the app.
A one-touch preview makes it easy to compare the original photo and the editing.
With another touch you can share your photos to Instagram. You can also save to your Camera Roll, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Dropbox.

Wood Camera - Vintage Photo EditorWood Camera - Vintage Photo Editor app for the iPad and iPhoneWood Camera

Wood Camera Features:

    • Lightbox
    • Geo-tagging on/off
    • Real-time filter preview
    • Flexible Editing
        o 32 filters
        o 28 textures
        o 16 frames
        o Sharpen, Straighten, Brightness, contrast, saturation and hue
    • Vignettes
    • Full Resolution
    • Social Networking
        o Instagram
        o Facebook
        o Twitter
        o Flickr
        o Dropbox
        o Email
        o Camera Roll

Import and export your images at the full, 8 MP resolution which is perfect for printing.

Download the most advanced camera features with Wood Camera

iPhone –
Wood Camera - Vintage Photo Editor - Bright Mango

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