Xmas Camera

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Xmas Camera for the iPad and iPhone     Xmas Camera - create and share fun Christmas photos with your family and friends - Marcin Molczyk

Xmas Camera

Add hilarious Christmas accents to your photos!

Xmas Camera is perfect for adding Holiday add-ons to your pictures and create custom Christmas cards.
Capture magical moments with friends and family this holiday season and share them with everyone! Share Christmas cards via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. You can also copy the file, assign image to Contact or print.
Create cards now, or take photos during your functions and send the party pictures as Holiday memories!

With a few easy steps you can send wonderful Christmas cards to anyone.
Step one – take a photo or select one from your library.
Step two – Add decorations choose from: Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Christmas present, Christmas Stocking, Boots and Snowflake. Select a frame.
Step three – Print, Copy file, use image as Contact or Send: email, Facebook or Twitter.

Xmas Camera is a Free app, with in-app purchases you can add additional decorations.

Get into the spirit as you send Christmas cards. I will also send cards as memories of the festive functions. With the multiple decorations, there are endless combinations you can create for customizing each card.

Xmas Camera app for the iPad and iPhoneXmas CameraXmas Camera app

Xmas Camera features:

   • Add Christmas accents to photos
   • Choose between 6 decorations
   • In-app purchases for additional decorations
   • Stylish Frames
   • Share cards by email, Facebook or Twitter
   • Print, copy file, assign to contacts

You’ll definitely get into the spirit of the Holidays as you add Christmas decorations to your photos. Then you can spread the joy by sharing your Crazy Christmas Creations with friends and family!

Install Xmas Camera now and send everyone Xmas Cards today!

Xmas Camera - create and share fun Christmas photos with your family and friends - Marcin Molczyk

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