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NBC Olympics Live Extra for the Android, iPad and iPhone     NBC Olympics Live Extra - NBC Universal, Inc.  

NBC Olympics Live Extra

Watch every moment of the Games of the 30th Olympiad with NBC Olympics Live Extra!

NBC Universal created a FREE app to the Games like never before.

Enhance your viewing experience with extras like alternate camera views, plus full replays on-the-go! You can follow your favorite events and sports as you receive push notifications for event start times, so you don’t miss the action.
You can even look back at the best of the Beijing Olympics, and recent interviews and clips with athletes and more with NBC Olympics Live Extra.
As 204 Nations come together to compete in London, the stage has been set for the top athletes from around the world.

I wasn’t able to make it over the pond, but I have been watching all the action, right on my mobile device. This truly is a personalized experience as you can focus on the events you mark as your favorites, receive alerts, or watch any, or all events replay which will take over 35,000 hours.
Catch any of the 302 Medal Events LIVE as their happening. Scroll through the Schedule and find the day and time of the events you want to watch mark them with a heart as a Favorites.

With a Main menu of Featured, Sports, Schedule, Favorites is straight to the point and easy to navigate.
Sports gives you a list that you can select from to add to your favorites, or tap the image and view pre-recorded How-To videos, and You can see if there are any Live Now events. If you missed the LIVE event watch the Replay and check out the Spotlight section.

Schedule is pretty self-descriptive. There are 17 days, and London is on Big Ben time, so search for the events you are looking for and save as into your favorites.

Favorites will keep a list of the sports you have selected with the heart icon. View your favorite events that are Live Now or the sport and events you have selected. You can turn on the alerts in the settings for a specific event or the entire sport. Share your favorite events with friends and family over Twitter and Facebook.

NBC Olympics Live Extra will need to connect to your cable provider, so you will need to have your username and password for your account. If you do not have a username and password for your cable account, contact your cable provider (example: Dish, Time Warner, Comcast).
You can create a username and password by creating an online account to pay your cable bill form your providers’ website.

Pre-Game Features:
   • Video on Demand: access short-form video clips to preview the London Olympics and relive the Beijing Olympics
   • Online Coverage Schedule: find out NBC’s online listings and set event reminders
In-Games Features:
   • Live Events: watch every event of the London Olympics
   • Full event replays: relive all the great of the Summer Games with full event replays
   • Channels: watch simulcasts of Olympic programming on NBC Universal television cable channels
   • Gold Zone: check out the Gold Zone Live Streaming Channel featuring every gold medal event LIVE!
   • Alternate Camera Views: view multiple camera angles for sports such as gymnastics and track and field
   • Push Notifications: receive reminder alerts for upcoming events
   • DVR: most live streams and all full event replays will have DVR capabilities

Be aware that some of NBC Olympics Live Extra access to live streams and full event replays is determined by your cable, satellite or teleco TV subscription. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section.

The best way to track the medals your country earns in the Gold Zone for streaming live coverage, or look for London 2012: Official Results App which is packed full of results of all 302 Medal events.

Many of the selections in this application can be shared on Twitter or Facebook, for easy-share-ability. I have been posting about all USA wins. GO USA!

I have noticed the buffering takes forever, but when the video is playing it is a great picture. The LIVE events coverage has a lot of pixilation, but it is only really noticeable on moving cameras.

Note: if downloading to an iPad that supports Retina Display, you can experience HD quality video at up to 1080p, depending on data connection.

You should also check out this video from Adobe, who created this app for NBC Universal.

Download NBC Olympics Live Extra, watch the games as if you’re in London!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
NBC Olympics Live Extra - NBC Universal, Inc.

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