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Cisco WebEx Meetings for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Cisco WebEx Meetings - Cisco 

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Attend that important meeting form anywhere with 2-way video.

Cisco WebEx Meetings app makes it easy to tap into a Cisco WebEx meeting form any tablet or smartphone.

Experience Cisco WebEx High Quality 2-way video on mobile devices, by viewing the video feeds of the participants in the web conference and streaming your own video back to them.
Use video for better engagement: Whether you’re holding a brainstorming session or making a presentation, turning your online meeting into a virtual video conference helps everyone focus on every word. The two-way streaming video delivers an unparalleled visual experience on the go.

Schedule meetings and invite anyone!
The host account capabilities can Schedule, start and Cancel a meeting. Send the invite to others via email or text them the meeting number, WebEx site URL, or Meetings List. You can also pass the presenter capabilities to other participants.

Cisco WebEx Meetings app supports full-screen video for the best experience. View content and other participants, from high-quality multipoint video. This is a unique video option from the 2-way video with camera switcher, which can be activated by voice commands.

As you’re running the meeting you can control the content in view from a list of participants that are attending the meeting or the presentation.
Control the meeting with pinch to zoom and scan while viewing shared content with annotations for interaction of the meeting with Cisco TelePresence WebEx One Touch support.
Make it a private meeting after the group chat.

Integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on WiFi and 3G/4G.

Cisco WebEx Meetings, is secure!

You must first have an account to host a meeting. Sign-in to the website for a secure meeting or take it further and enable users to join from behind the firewall using WiFi proxy support.
With end-to-end encryption accessing your account is secure, via your corporate account (for sites with Single Sign-ON, or SSO, enabled).

Cisco WebEx Meetings app for the Android, iPad and iPhoneCisco WebEx Meetings appCisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings video

Cisco WebEx Meetings features:

  • High-quality, multipoint video
  • 2-way video with camera switcher
  • Voice-activated video switching
  • Full-screen video
  • View content and video (simultaneously with iDevices)
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Cisco WebEx VoI{=only meeting sites
  • Available in 13 languages
  • Host account Capabilities –
      o Schedule, Start, and Cancel Meetings
      o Invite others to meetings
      o Pass presenter capabilities to another participant
  • Meeting Capabilities –
      o Join via Cisco WebEx meeting email invite, meeting number, Cisco WebEx site URL, or My Meetings List
      o Integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on WiFi and 3G/4G
      o View attendee list
      o View shared content with annotations
      o Pinch to zoom and scan
      o Private or group chat

Getting face-to-face has never been easier!

Download Cisco WebEx Meetings now and get into the meeting today!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
Cisco WebEx Meetings - Cisco

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