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Dot Lock Screen for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Dot Lock - CrowdCafé

Dot Lock Screen

Android’s Dot Lock system is now available on iPhone!

If you’re looking for an extra level of protection on your mobile device, you have to check out this application. Dot Lock Screen is a really cool security system that was only accessible for Android phones. As of Sept. 30th you can install this app on any device of your choosing, now that it is offered from iTunes.

As this is Android phones’ unlock system, it will not replace an iPhones’ “slide to unlock” bar. So you will need to unlock your device and then enter your dot pattern.

Dot Lock Screen is very easy to use. First you must enter a secure dot lock pattern. Second is selecting an alarm type. And last tap the “Lock Device” button. If any intruder tries to enter the wrong code, an alarm will go off, until the correct pattern is entered.

If your device supports background audio, the alarm will turn on and stay on even if they try to leave the app. Select from 5 alarms:

   • Alert
   • Alien
   • Clock
   • Military
   • Space

I have just recently installed this application, and still need more time to review, but for what I know as of now, you need a pattern of 3 to 5 dots. I like the military alarm, and it has already been effective.

Dot Lock Screen for the Android, iPad and iPhoneDot Lock Screen for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Download Dot Lock Screen, and get serious about security!

Android – Comes with certain models

iTunes –
Dot Lock - CrowdCafé

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