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Flashlight for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Flashlight.

If your caught-in-a-pinch, and don’t have a flash light, you’re in luck with this free app from John Haney SW.

There are so many features in Flashlight it could be considered a visual effects app. Meant to be a flashlight, I think it emits a small amount of light, more like a night light.

The features are really cool in my opinion, which vary from a full lit up screen of your mobile device in 1, 2 or 6-colors that you can make, with a slide bar controlling, red, green, blue hues. The customization of screens also include Strobe, Smooth, Trippy, Deep trippy, Abyss trippy, Ying yang, Chasers, Hearts, Hexy, Stars & Stripes, Holiday lights which has many selections and S.O.S. flashes in the morse code seguence.

As you save your options this app will keep them as different screen choices so you only have to flick your screen left or right to see them all. There are more customization options to mention, for you can set the display timeout: asap, 1 min., all the way upto 1 day or forever. To access customization choices you can use tap once, double tap or tap the center.

The app provides help features, FAQ, email and a link to download other apps offered from John Haney SW.

We would like to mention looking directly at the 2-color, 6-color, Strobe, Smooth, Trippy, Deep trippy, Abyss trippy, Ying yang or S.O.S. could potentially give someone seizures. Please consult your physician before enabling these options.

After consulting your physician also try changing the duration time to ease the effects of the flashing lights.

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –

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