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GoogleDrive for the Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone

Get your files on every device!

Google Drive gives you all your files on your Phone, Tablet and Computer.
All your files in Drive are safely backed-up, so you never lose your videos, photos, PDFs, documents and more.

With Google Drive you can easily install the other apps from Google like Google Docs., Google Sheets and more. These files that are created within Google apps will not use any of your storage space. (That’s pretty cool).

Manage workflow with these great tools!
Easily share files and folders with others, to view, edit and leave comments, by sharing permissions. Quickly view recent files and file details and activity.
For a long commute or areas of no connection to the internet you can enable off line viewing.

Search for any file, in any folder.
Whether you need a Google Docs., Google Sheets, Photos or Google Slides quickly search for any file with a typed search, filtered or sorted by. This search feature can look through your Gmail, Devices and Chrome, and present the results clearly.
If you install the Drive extension on Chrome, you can easily save anything on the web quickly as the extension provides a selection with a right mouse click.
Star files, so you can find them even faster, move them to a folder of relevance, download, or scan any files.
You can even print Docs, Sheets and Photos.

Open files from other apps and save to your Google Drive.
You can practically save any file to your Google Drive account. You might need to make a few extra steps for saving a picture or video from other internet browsers than Chrome. If you are able to save an image to your device you will be able to save it to your Drive. And the reverse will work also. Save an image or file from your Drive account to your device and do whatever you need.
Revision History allows you to open a file form a previous saved state, if you accidentally make a mistake saving a file.

Protect your important information with a Passcode.
Use the Passcode Lock to keep others from getting to your files. This is an extra step of protection, since you must grant permission to view files.

Google Drive app for the Android, iPad,iPhone and Windows Phone Google Drive app for the Android, iPad,iPhone and Windows Phone Google Drive app for the Android, iPad,iPhone and Windows Phone

Google Drive features:
     • View documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more
     • Search for files by name and content
     • Easily share files and folders with others
     • Set files or folders so anyone with a link can view, comment, or edit
     • Quickly access recent files
     • See file details and activity
     • Enable viewing of files offline
     • Revision History
     • Additional Storage – In-app purchase

You will receive 15 GB of FREE storage, after that you can in-app purchase 100 GB of storage for $19.99 (1 year) or 250 GB of storage for $24.99 (1 year).

You can install Google Drive on all your devices and share files with others no matter if they have an account or not.

Download the Google Drive app now!

Android – Please check in Google Play

Windows Phone- Look in the Windows Store

iPhone –

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