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Puffin for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Flash has gone mobile!

Now you can view flash on mobile devices, with Puffin the fastest web browser around with cloud support.

A whole New Tabs browsing view makes it very easy to navigate your favorite and most viewed websites with desktop and mobile view for a full web experience.
With a cloud experience that syncs all devices for you to view open tabs on any device. Use the Virtual Trackpad (Mouse Simulator) and Virtual Gamepad for easy control.

Select any of the add-ons for more function like sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Save to Google Bookmark, Pocket, Dropbox and Copy to Evernote, or Use Google Translate, Urban Dictionary, Wordnik Dictionary and Readability. You could always send it in Gmail and draw something on the screenshot you shared.

Puffin provides incredible loading speed, the Fastest JavaScript engine and the ability to save from Cloud-to-Cloud directly so you can save data traffic. The “Text Reflow” feature can auto resize font size for mobile devices. Import bookmarks form desktop browsers.
Select from Color Themes for Toolbar and Slidebar customization that gives your experience a personal touch.

Puffin for the Android, iPad and iPhone Puffin for the Android, iPad and iPhone Puffin for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Puffin features:

    • Incredible Loading Speed
    • Adobe Flash Support over Cloud
    • The Whole New Tabs Browsing
    • Download to Cloud (Up to 100M per file)
    • Sync open Tabs across all devices
    • Theater Mode
    • Virtual Trackpad (Mouse Simulator)
    • Virtual Gamepad
    • Add-ons functions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Translator and more)
    • Color Theme for Toolbar and Slidebar
    • Fastest JavaScript Engine
    • Full Web Experience (Desktop and Mobile view)

Note: Puffin Web Browser and cloud servers are in the US and can only access public websites from US geolocations. Users outside the US, local content, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in your home country.
Due to internet censorship in China and Saudi Arabia, Puffin is blocked.

Install the Puffin app today!

Android – Please check in Google Play

iPhone –

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