WeMo Insight Switch

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WeMo Insight Switch

Use your mobile device to turn ON/OFF your home electronics.

Connect the WeMo app with Belkin’s Wemo Insight Switch to control washers, dryers, desk lamps, space heaters, fans, lights or anything that can be plugged into a wall outlet.

First plug in the WeMo Insight Switch to any wall outlet, then plug in the electronic device into the WeMo Insight Switch.

WeMo Switch

Manually, remotely or automatically!
Use your electronic devices anyway you want. Turn ON/OFF by tapping the small button, use the application to remotely control your devices or automatically select settings to turn ON/OFF according to a schedule you set or rules for sunrise/sunset.
For a correct sunrise/sunset enter your city name in the WeMo app or connect IFTTT to control your switch via text, Siri, motion and notifications.  WeMo + IFTTT for the Android, iPad and iPhone

The Wemo Insight Switch can also give you detailed information about the energy used. Monitor energy usage on electronics and find out which devices are used most often. The WeMo App can notify you instantly if home electronics have been left on and you can choose to either leave them on or turn them off from anywhere.

WeMo Insight Switch WeMo Insight Switch

WeMo Insight Switch features:

   • Remote control from WeMo app
   • iOS and Android
   • Monitor your electronics’ usage/cost and receive custom notifications
   • Works on multiple devices simultaneously
   • Works with existing home WiFi and mobile internet
   • Scheduling
   • Plugs into any regular 120v wall outlet
   • Long press – used with (IFTTT)
   • Easy set-up and use
   • One-year limited warranty


   • Indoor use, dry location
   • WiFi router
   • Android 4.0 or later
   • iOS v5 or higher

Package includes:

   • WeMo Insight Switch
   • Quick installation guide

Look for the WeMo Insight Switch and other products at Belkin’s website!

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