WeMo Light Switch

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WeMo Light Switch

Use your mobile device to turn ON/OFF your homes lights.

Connect the WeMo app with Belkin’s Wemo Light Switch to control lights, flood lights, ceiling fan, heater, anything that is controlled by a wall switch.

It’s a very simple DIY project to install the switch. You can watch a step-by-step instructional video or read the installation instructions at Belkin’s website.
If you feel it’s too much, please call an electrician.

There are 3 major issues to consider, indoor, metal faceplates and lights with multiple switches.

    1. If the lights in question are controlled by more than one switch, WeMo Light Switch will not be compatible.
    2. Choose an indoor dry location to install your switches.
    3. Metal faceplates will interfere with the WiFi connection needed for your control. You can use any faceplate or the faceplate that is included with the light switch, which seamlessly clicks onto the wall and hides the screws underneath.
Side Note: Make sure you can find the neutral wire, which will be needed.

Don’t worry if you are in the dark!
The WeMo Light Switch features subtle backlighting so you can easily find the switch in the dark. Manually tap to turn ON/OFF.

WeMo Light Switch

Manually, remotely or automatically!
Use your lights anyway you want. Turn ON/OFF by tapping the switch, use the application to remotely control your lights, or automatically select settings to turn ON/OFF according to a schedule you set or rules for sunrise/sunset. For a correct sunrise/sunset enter your city name in the WeMo app or connect IFTTT to control your switch via text, Siri, motion and notifications.  WeMo + IFTTT for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Select the Away mode for an automatic ON/OFF of your lights as if you were still home. If there happens to be a power outage, don’t worry the programming and the correct time and date will be kept.

A minimum wattage is used, so it will work with all incandescent, halogen, CFL, fluorescent and LED lighting.

WeMo Light Switch WeMo Light Switch

WeMo Light Switch features:

   • Remote control from WeMo app
   • iOS and Android
   • Works with existing home WiFi and mobile internet
   • Scheduling
   • Keeps programming and correct time and date during power outages
   • No batteries
   • Subtle backlighting makes it easy to see at night
   • Easy DIY installation
   • Enhanced sunrise/sunset Rules
   • Away mode setting
   • Long press – used with (IFTTT)
   • One-Year limited warranty


   • Indoor use, dry location
   • WiFi router
   • Android 4.0 or later
   • iOS v5 or higher
   • Max 1800 W,1/2 HP at 120VAC
   • Neutral wire in existing switch
   • Replaces single pole switch – not compatible with 3-way switches
   • No metal faceplates

Package includes:

   • WeMo Light Switch
   • Faceplate
   • Four wire nuts
   • Quick installation guide

Included in WeMo Light Switch

Look for the WeMo Light Switch and other products at Belkin’s website!

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