WeMo Motion

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

WeMo Motion

Now motion can be used to turn ON/OFF your home electronics.

Connect the WeMo app with Belkin’s Wemo Motion and one of the Switches to control desk lamps, heater, fans, stereo, TV or anything that can be plugged into a wall outlet with motion.

First plug-in the WeMo Motion to the desired wall outlet, then plug-in your device into WeMo Switch and when the module detects movement it will turn ON/OFF electronic device.

WeMo  Motion

Automatic control, with motion!
With a 6 foot long cord you can place the sensor in the optimal position. Along with a lengthy cord the motion sensor detects movement up to 10 feet away and wirelessly signals the switches connected

Open the WeMo app and connect IFTTT to control your WeMo Motion via text, Siri, motion and notifications.  WeMo + IFTTT for the Android, iPad and iPhone

WeMo Motion WeMo Motion

WeMo Motion features:

   • Use motion to turn ON/OFF electronics
   • iOS and Android
   • Works with existing home WiFi and mobile internet
   • Scheduling
   • Plugs into any regular 120v wall outlet
   • 6’ power cord and 10’ motion sensitivity range
   • Easy set-up and use
   • 1 year warranty


   • Indoor use, dry location
   • WiFi router
   • Android 4.0 or later
   • iOS v5 or higher

Package includes:

   • WeMo Motion
   • WeMo Switch
   • Quick installation guide

WeMo  Motion

I have noticed the WeMo Motion comes along with WeMo Switch or WeMo Insight Switch.
Since the motion sensor only detects movement it must work along with any of the WeMo Switches. Use the sensor to control one switch or as many as you would like.

Look for the WeMo Motion and other products at Belkin’s website!

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