An2An Remote

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An2An Remote for Android

An2An Remote

Control Android devices with your phone!

Now you can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect 2 devices. Redirect control of your Tablet to your Phone, or control your OUYA with a Phone or Tablet.
Turn wired input devices into wireless control.

Install An2An Remote on both devices, for the initial set-up you will have to change settings for the connection to redirected control. This is a standard, control one device with another.
You can do more with connecting An2An Remote on one device to An2An Keyboard, Mouse, Touch or Joystick on another. Instead of just a remote control you can play games with a joystick, work with typing on a Keyboard or use a Mouse. You can even use Touch for devices without touchscreen controls.

An2An Remote works along with:

    • An2An Keyboard
    • An2An Mouse
    • An2An Touch
    • An2An Joystick
         1. Keyboard feature doesn’t need root
         2. Mouse/Joystick/Touchscreen features need rooted receiver device, please enable “Settings->Receiver Options->Use Root Features” from receiver devices
         3. Feature demos are provided for compatibility testing, restrictions applied:
             – Keyboard: only the first 2 keys you pressed in the beginning of each session will work, you can test other keys by restarting the transmitter
             – Mouse: limited to horizontal cursor movement
             – Touchscreen: bounded to upper-left area
             – Joystick: limited to horizontal movement of left analog stick

An2An Remote app for Android

An2An Remote

Initial set-up:
         1. Install this app to both devices
         2. Open the app on both devices and select appropriate role
         3. On Receiver device, follow instructions to activate “An2An Receiver” soft keyboard
         4. Setup connection
    [Using Bluetooth (default)]
         4a. Switch “Connection Mode” to Bluetooth on both devices from Settings screen
         4b. Pairing the devices through Bluetooth, usually under system’s Wireless and Network settings screen
    [Using WiFi]
         4a. Switch “Connection Mode” to Wi-Fi on both devices from Settings screen
         4b. Enter the IP address of Transmitter device into one of the “Remote Address” fields on Receiver’s Settings If you don’t know the IP address of your Transmitter device, use “Menu->Start Transmitter” from Transmitter app and it will display the IP address on the upper left corner
         4c. (Optional) Change connection port on both devices if needed

After initial set-up, use this for Regular Use:
         1. Turn on Bluetooth/WiFi on both devices
         2. On transmitter device
         2a. Open transmitter app
         2b. Select “Menu->Start Transmitter”, wait for the status on upper right changes to “waiting”
         3. On receiver device
         3a. Select “An2An Receiver” as active input method
         3b. Call up “An2An Receiver” soft keyboard (e.g. tap on an input field, or holding “menu” key on some devices)
         3c. Tap “Connect Transmitter” button
         3d. Select transmitter device from the popup list.
         4. Wait for connection establish. Depends on the hardware and signal quality you may need to retry several times. If you have connection problem, try restart bluetooth/wifi on both device (and/or pairing the devices again for bluetooth connection)
         5. On the transmitter device
         5a. (Optional) Call up the desired soft keyboard if needed
         5b. (Optional) Hide the input field by “Menu->Toggle Input Field” if needed
         6. Start using. If you have problem sending keypress, restart bluetooth/wifi and try again
         7. When finished, close transmitter app by “Menu->Quit”, and stop bluetooth/wifi to avoid battery drain

An2An Remote is great for redirecting an Android device to another.

Download An2An Remote and connect your devices today!

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