App 2 SD

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Apps 2 SD    

Simplify the process of transferring apps to your SD card. With App 2 SD is a free app helps you move apps to either external or internal storage thru the system Settings.

It’s a good idea to free up memory of your mobile devices internal storage. With this app you are able to do just that. This will only move app used space, it does not mean it will back-up on the SD card, to be transferred to another device. With that in mind you should still free up memory.

View a menu of On phone, On SD card and Phone only. Each button on the menu will show you a list of applications that are transferable.

On phone will display apps that can be moved to the external storage (SD card). You can also clear app cached files, and view information about the app like data/code/total size. View storage total size/available size and list non movable apps.

With On SD card menu button, view a list of apps that can be moved back to the internal device storage, which also displays Storage total size/available size.

Phone only menu button shows you apps that you can’t move.

View app details page and send a notification if movable app installed.

This app is a great tool to simplify the whole process of managing your phones storage. Please keep-in-mind that the Android system requires that you can move App Widgets, Services, Live Wallpapers, Live Folders, Alarm Services, and Device Administrators.

Download this app and clean-up your devices storage today!

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